Flextrusion provides a wide range of engineering services for plastic film extrusion and injection machines. We can design and manufacture many component and parts for plastic machines, we accept OEM parts as well as tailor made parts.

Besides our standard Blending and Grinders product designs, we specialize in designing Screws, Barrels, Die head, Adapters and Cooling rolls. Using to our vast experience in the industry we are able carry out R&D and re-designing of components to help our partners / customer achieve optimal results.


Our broad experience and extensive database of resources allows us to solve problems in the extrusion process fields as well as other polymer related fields.  As a leading provider of plastic machine technology, Flextrusion enables your plastic extrusion machinery line to increase revenue, decrease costs, create new film products, improve profitability, identify new polymer technology for new markets, enhance new product development efficiency, eliminate defects. We attribute the success in our consulting services to our experience in equipment expertise which encompasses process engineering this have given us a competitive edge among our peers.


Flextrusion specializes in the designing, developing & upgrading of plastic machinery, recycling, materials loading application & development, process design, material separation, reclamation systems management and expert witness services.

Our professional team of industry experts excels in providing practical, technical and marketing expertise in the fields of commodity and extrusion of plastics. The principals of the company have decades experience in the areas of polymer engineering, process design and management, compounding, extrusion film, materials handling and plastic film plant start-up.

Electronic / Electrical Control Upgrades

In Plastic injection and Extrusion industries you either stay up to date with technology or fall behind. By keeping equipment/technology current, manufacturing production increases and downtime decreases, and this adds value to the manufacturer’s bottom line.

With our support, you can replace older generation electrical and control equipment with new modern programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and Human – Machine Interface (HMI). The older electrical panels may still be operational but, compared to newer technologies, have limited capabilities, in addition spare parts may no longer be manufactured, thus creating unnecessary downtime and stresses.