About Us

Flextrusion is managed and operated with well over 20 years of experience and know-how in the plastic extrusion technology, we are proud of being a part of the top technical standards applied to this industry nationally, regionally and globally. We have the capability of manufacturing various extrusion machinery parts and components and certainly do not compromise the quality of our deliverable. We pride ourselves with being specialist in R&D and Re-Engineering practices, this ensure that our partners/customers enjoy the best of what we can offer and working towards achieving optimal results.

At Flextrusion we made it our commitment to manufacture the best components and machinery at the most competitive price for our customers. Our core goal is to help achieve your desired results and not forgetting maximizing your production with cost saving in mind.

Our company encourages independent innovation and we are in constant pursuit of achieving excellence in the plastic industry.

Our team comprises of experienced and well exposed engineers, technical and marketing specialists. Further to that we also have good business acumen thus enabling us to better prioritize and serve our clients better.

Our motto is simply: “Flexible Extrusion Made Simple” – in turn focusing on the core performance indexes which are Output, Cost Control & Margins.